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The Pegasus Organization has extensive experience with the Challenges that Electric Utilities face today

Plant Outages

As power generators strive to reduce costs and increase plant reliability, outages that safely deliver on time, with high quality results and at budged costs are essential. The Pegasus Organization’s proven approach provides plant managers and outage teams with the tools and techniques to effectively and efficiently accomplish outage goals and transfer knowledge to the next generation of outage workers.

Central Florida Project

The project involves major upgrades in the 500 KV, 230 KV, 69 KV yards and the Control Equipment Enclosure. In the 500 KV yard two new 500/230 transformer banks have been installed. Each bank consists of four single phase transformers with fire walls between them. In addition four new 500 KV breakers were added along with ten new switches. A major bus was added to the existing ring bus.

In the 230 KV yard a new 230 KV bay with two 230 KV breakers and five new switches were added along with the modification of a second bay where a 230 KV breaker was added.


In the 69 KV yard, a 230/69 transformer was replaced with a larger MVA unit. One 230 KV breaker was aded and seven 1500 ampere 69 KV breakers were upgraded with 3000 ampere breakers. All the 69KV yard bus switches were upgraded to 3000 ampere capacity.

A major addition was made to the Control Equipment Enclosure and twenty new P&C panels were installed to relay all the new transformers, breakers, CCVT's, MOD's and other equipment.

Pegasus is an integral part of this project and is providing project management and project controls services.