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Success Stories

Strengthening the Transmission Grid

How do you safely and cost effectively increase and strengthen the electric grid in the United States when you are crossing state borders and working with multiple local and regional regulatory entities? You need to have a well thought through plan that can be understood and executed by the entire team and clearly communicated to the stakeholders. We can help you develop and execute your plan.

We are currently helping to serve as the owner’s eyes and ears for a large Regional Transmission Expansion Project while introducing best practice project controls and project management techniques and processes. Adding experienced project controls managers, cost analysts, schedulers and other expertise to your team will not only help you meet your goals and execute your plan but will provide knowledge transfer to your organization as well.

How do you quickly, safely and cost effectively make improvements and perform necessary maintenance for power plants?

Using project management best practices, we helped a Fortune 250 electricity producer significantly improve outage performance.  We cut outage costs by 20% and outage length by 15% while improving overall quality. Working at twelve of the company’s plants we introduced and reinforced industry best practices while developing and strengthening effective teams. Management and teams worked together to develop “the plan” that was right for each location. The result-less downtime for the plants, all work achieved with higher quality and less frustration for everyone.

Manufacturer of Conveyor Systems Solutions

Sales account reps talking to the engineers about a product for a customer? Sales account reps as part of a project team? Unheard of! Bringing these groups together and showing the value of communicating and developing an integrated plan helped this global provider of conveyor systems solutions not only decrease waste and development time but increase customer satisfaction and shorten cycle time. The Pegasus Organization provided basic and in depth training for these groups and their management allowing everyone to work together to apply the new concepts, speak the same language and have the same goals.